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Paragraph on Environmental Pollution of Dhaka City

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Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. Have you been to Dhaka city recently?
  2. How long did you stay there?
  3. What types of environment did you see there?
  4. What is your idea about the environmental pollution of Dhaka city?
  5. Suggest its prevention and proper steps to be taken.

Answer: I went to Dhaka in December 2017 to join my parents. It was winter vacation at my college at Sylhet. So, I have had the opportunity to stay with my parents for about 15 days in Dhaka city. Winter in Dhaka is more horrifying than the summer or rainy season. It is dustier and more polluted. The vehicles emit just black smoke full of carbon monoxide, lead and other unburnt chemical particles of petrol and diesel. Even some manufacturing industries like rubber, chemical, steel are located in the Tejgaon industrial area, the central part of the city. The evening becomes dark due to smoke and dust that make a thick layer of smoke. Though government removed the 3-wheeler scooter most dangerous vehicles causing environmental pollution, the pollution level still is higher than any other Asian city. We have the required rules in our country to control environmental pollution. In plain words, there is no implementation of the law on the roads of Dhaka. So, to control pollution we need good governance, enforcement of the law on the road and good intention of the government to do so without any discrimination. People should be made aware of the pollution in Dhaka city so that they can co co-operate with the government to make Dhaka clean, green and pollution free.

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