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Paragraph on Cheap Labor Force

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Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. What is usually meant by cheap labor force?
  2. Where does this labor force give its labor?
  3. Who mainly exploit them?
  4. Has globalization improved the lots of those working-class people?
  5. How can globalization bring a change there?

Answer: The cheap labor force has become a subject of discussion in the context of globalization. Usually, cheap labor force refers to the low paid laborers of the poor developing countries. In most cases these cheap laborer’s work for the rich people of the industrially developed countries. Of course, they work for the local rich people in various situations. But the industrially developed rich countries mainly exploit these helpless poor people. They ensure high profits. This task of exploitation is being carried on through the process of globalization. Though the idea of globalization has a positive focus on the expansion of trade and commerce, it is working against the poor sections. It is serving the interest of the capitalists rather than for the working-class people. But if globalization works in conditions of solidarity, equality, and justice, it can bring a change in the world. Then the poor will get their proper wage and the gap between the poor and the rich will be reduced.

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