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Essay on Industrialization in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world. The economy of this country is based mainly on agriculture. In other words, we depend on farming or agriculture for most of our income. Our country is not industrially developed. But side by side with farming, we are also gradually trying to industrialize our country. To get the benefit of globalization we should also increase our industrial products to compete with others in capturing the global market. But the question is: how much industrialization is good for us? We should also consider the bad effects of excessive industrialization.

It may be a threat to our agriculture and we should ask ourselves if we can afford to lose any more agricultural land to set up more industries. The question of industrialization entails some significant aspects of our social and national life. more industrialization. Arguments may be put forward both in favor of further industrialization and against any The problem of unemployment is one of the major problems in Bangladesh.

Finding no work in the country many of our skilled and unskilled workers are going abroad in search of fortune. Taking advantage of the poverty of these workers the greedy capitalists of the industrially developed countries are always exploiting them. Our workers are, no doubt, earning some foreign currency but they are obviously serving the cause of capitalistic hegemony. But the situation would be otherwise if we could set up more industries in our country and employ at least all our own workers in them. In the present condition, we have to depend on foreign countries for many industrial products. Unfortunately, our agriculture is still largely based on traditional methods. That is why we are not being able to achieve much success in that sector. As a result, our economic resources are limited and the technological capacity of our people is also very low. In these circumstances, no one can deny the need for rapid industrialization in the country.

If we want to cope with other developing countries of the world, we must increase our income and there is no other alternative to a quick policy of industrialization in the country. But everything has its merits and demerits Industrialization is not an exception to it. Therefore, before we implement our decision to industrialize our country on a large scale, we should give a second thought to the process. One of the biggest problems associated with industrialization is the problem of environmental pollution. Mills and factories produce a huge amount of toxic waste, which seriously pollutes the environment. They pollute the air by belch-ing a lot of smoke and water by throwing their poisonous chemicals and waste products into rivers and canals. Ours is a small country and we do not have sufficient suitable locations to get of all the industrial refuse. Another problem of large-scale industrialization is the loss of agricultural land. Growing industrial bases here and there in the country is capturing a Lot of cultivable lands and it has serious negative impacts on our agro-based economy. We should, therefore, consider whether we can sacrifice our farming land at the altar of mills and factories.

We also know that there is a close connection between industrialism and materialism. They may be called twin siblings. This indicates that machine-based mills and factories not only pollute the physical environment of a country but they also pollute the human psyche. Man’s too much dependence on machines and gadgets creates emotional and spiritual barrenness in his mind.

The industrialization has reduced man to a cog in the machine. Now, can we allow ourselves to become much too materialistic? Is it wise to gain too much world-ly profit at the cost of our soul? The wise must say ‘no more’ to mechanization in the greater interest of humanism.

Our main goal is to attain economic emancipation. In this regard, industrialization is not the only way out. Our land is very fertile and we can use every inch of our land to grow more crops. In place of using the traditional methods of cultivation, we can use all modern technological methods to enhance our agricultural production. We can also develop our horticulture and pisciculture. It will help us a lot to augment our national income by exporting fruit and fish. We should start an extensive agricultural movement like the ‘Green Revolution’ to bring about a massive change in our economy. If that does not suffice, we can also think of cottage industries. In this way, we can not only satisfy our national needs but also maintain national tradition.

Indeed, the development of agriculture and cottage industries alone cannot solve all our problems. It may not also solve the stupendous unemployment problem in the country. There is no denying the fact that industrialism is a powerful social force. It can revolutionize the basis of our life by changing the means of production. We can, therefore, adopt a mixed policy of industrialization and agricultural expansion. Industrial advancement should be balanced against the rural economy too ensure the synthesis of materialism and spiritualism.

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