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Composition on Dignity of Labor

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Introduction: Man is destined to earn his living by the sweat of his brow so labor is a sacred charge and there is a great dignity in it. Nothing can be achieved in the world without labor. We cannot get the bare necessities of life if we do not undergo labor. We cannot fulfill a high ambition without labor and perseverance. The value of labor was felt in the past, is felt at present and will be felt in future. Work has been said to be a part of worship and has been given the highest place in human life. In fact, labor is life and life is labor.

Importance of labor: Labour is essential for life. The absence of labor means starvation and death. For the very existence on earth, man has to undergo hard labor. For greater progress and more comfort, he has to labor more and more. It is human labor which has set up beautiful cities in places where there were dense forests. By his labor man has made deserts fertile and fruitful. By his labor man was discovered the forces of Nature and employed them to his own service. So labor is the most important force behind all progress.

Usefulness of labor: Labour is really sacred and honorable. Those who do not labor to earn their living have either to steal or to beg. This makes them objects of hatred in the long run. If cultivator refuses to plow land and produce crops sufferings will surely come upon him as well as upon the entire society. It a laborer refuses to work in a mill or factory it will prove fatal both for him and for the sake of others.

Conclusion: The dignity of labor should be fully realized by, all. Labour should be given due respect. We should not feel shy to do any work by ourselves. No labor is mean. We should always remember that there are nobleness and even sacredness in work. So servants, sweepers, shoemakers and similar other people should not be looked down upon by us.

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