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Composition on The Value of Time

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Introduction: our life is short, but we have many things to do. What is our life? It is a collection of moments. There is a saying that time and tide wait for none. Really it is true. Nobody can stop it with all his might. We find that a word has its value, a labour has its prestige, and a work has its praise.

Value of Time in Life/Importance/Benefit/Utility: if money is lost, it may be regained by hard work. Loss of health also may be recovered by taking medicine and nutritious food and by a change in healthy places but loos of time can never get back. Value of time reminds us our duties. Proper use of time makes a man successful in life.

Time waits for none: there is a wise saying that time waits for none. If once it goes away, it never returns. Time passes on very quickly. Nothing can stop it even for a moment. So we should always keep alert. We must make the best use of our time.

Proper use of time/ Works must be done at the proper time: success in life depends on the best use of time. We are a student. It is our sacred duty to learn our lessons in time. If we do not learn our lesson in time it will be a heavy burden at the time of our examination. If we do not attend negligence moments means take note of the task given our teachers. We must not neglect moments. Negligence of moments means negligence of life.

Waste of time/the idle suffer/the effect of time: waste of time is a great vice. Those who waste time can never prosper in life. The proverb goes, “an idle brain is the devil’s workshop.” The idle sit idly and make no attempt to do a work in proper time. They meet failure in life and suffer at the end. They cannot even earn their livelihood. They either pass their days in wants or depend upon others for their maintenance. They are the burden of a country. Everybody hates them.

Persons properly utilizing time/what happens if time properly utilizes: the persons who never pass away time in idleness, come our successful. They utilize every moment of their life. All the great men worked day and night. This is why they have become immortal on earth.

Conclusion: thus a man must not pass away his time in idleness. He should make the best use of time. He will be happy if he realizes the value of time and works hard day and night.

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