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Paragraph on A Village Blacksmith

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  • What is the symbol of a blacksmith?
  • When does he work?
  • How does he lead his life?
  • What are the most important task and character of a blacksmith?
  • How does he look like?
  • What do the children do when they pass by the smithy?
  • What do they do?
  • How is he?

Answer: The blacksmith is a symbol of industry. He works from dawn to dusk. What he earns is enough for his survival. He lives the most ordinary life, but he has not complained about this. He is completely satisfied. The quest of night ambition is an unknown pursuit to him. He does not wait for pomp and glory in his life. To him, peach and happiness are of utmost importance. He is rustic in character. He is a strongly built man. He has a pair of very strong hands. His face is tanned for working by the flaming forge. His hair is crisp, black, and long. As the children pass by the smithy, they stop and watch the blacksmith doing his daily works. With a lot of interest, they also see the bellows and the forge. They make fun of the sparks that fly around eh forge. They look like chaffs that remain afloat. The blacksmith is very friendly with them. He is an embodiment of industry and mental peace. He is a true representative of those, who find contentment in honest sweat.

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