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Essay on Young People Sometimes Complain That They Have Little to Do in Their Spare Time. What Is Your View?

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In this modern age, anybody who complains that he or she has nothing to do is simply downright lazy. There are books to read, films and videotapes to watch, music to listen to and games to play. In fact, I find that I have not enough time to do all the things I want to do. So a lot of things are left undone, If only time is a transferable commodity, maybe those who have too much time can pass some over to me.

As an ordinary student, the school takes up more than half the daylight hours. In the afternoon there is the inevitable homework to do. An afternoon nap is out of the question unless I want to slog late into the night to complete the assessments. Very rarely do teachers not give homework.

When evening comes, sports and games come alive. Everywhere can see young people, and a good number of cider ones, indulging in some form of exercise. Be it simply kicking a beat-up football, jogging, cycling or being at the bottom of a pile of rugby players does not matter very much. What matters is doing them, the doers know that time is precious and they spend it joyfully in the things they love to do. The non-doers prefer to sit inside their coconut shells and wonder why there is nothing to do. For these unhappy people, I suggest that they could at least be spectators. They could go and watch other people play. Even if they do not want to participate, watching sports and games is a good way of spending spare time. It is a form of entertainment and recreation, If nothing, at least they know that they are among living human beings, not dead ones.

An average housewife has tons of chores to do. When I look at my mother doing her chores, I realize that the amount of work she has to perform each day is enormous. She gets up at dawn and works right through the day cleaning, cooking, and washing. When all the cleaning, cooking and washing is done, there is more to do. Beside these back-breaking jobs, she has to go to the market to buy food for her ever-hungry children and ‘then look after their general well-being. Anybody who finds that he has too much spare time can help his mother in her housework. All he has to do is to sweep the floor or wipe the dust off the windows or simply peel some potatoes for the overworked mother. Then he will appreciate the preciousness of time and how some people simply squander it away. He will also learn to appreciate the toils of a loving mother, how she works for nothing in return (housewives do not earn a salary) except some understanding and love from the people she works for.

I suppose most people who find that they have too much time on their hands are people who do not find interest in life itself. Their attitudes need correcting. If they look at life with pessimism and then feel depressed about it, obviously things are not going to look interesting. On the other hand, if they look at life with optimism and feel thankful that they are alive, the likelihood will be that they will go out to do the things they love to do and enjoy every minute of it.

Of course, life itself is filled with obstacles and problems. If one allows such barriers to prevent one from living than one might as well be dead. The trick is to look above these obstacles and problems and beyond the black clouds of depression. The sun shines for people who can do this. Life is never dull. There is plenty to do. Spare time is a wonderful time.