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Essay on Describe Some of the Things You Like Doing Least and Say Why You Find Them Distasteful

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Question: Describe some of the things you like doing least, and say why you find them distasteful

Answer: I dislike getting up early in the morning to go to school. It is not that I dislike school. I dislike having a drag myself out of bed when it is still dark outside. And when my eyes refuse to open, especially after having only a few hours’ sleep because of watching television till late the previous night. If the only school would start a bit later then everything will be fine. Then I would not have to get up so early, I would not have to wait my turn to use the bathroom and best of all I would not have to jerk myself from my warm comfortable bed.

However, the moment I hit the crisp morning air on my way to school, my whole outlook changes. Ah, the cool air is invigorating. Life is wonderful. School is wonderful with all my friends and surroundings.

It is always in the midst of an interesting conversation with my friends that the school bell must ring then we will have to head for the classroom. This is one thing I dislike. We obey the bell unthinkingly. Our conversation is shot to pieces, never to be recovered. By the time we come out for recess, cannot even remember what we have been so eagerly talking about earlier. So we have to talk about something new. Then again the bell will ring to interrupt us. I simply detest that bell,

As I said before, school is wonderful. However, its wonderfulness is often reduced by the excessively hardworking teachers who load us with homework. Every teacher expects us to complete his assigned work, not taking into account that five other teachers expect us to do their homework too. So when I reach home in the afternoon have to slog for hours before I get through all the assignments. Who can blame me for not doing they well? So much to do every other day is not exactly fur. As the saying goes “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, the teachers should consider that we have other more interesting things to do and we should spend time doing them. Life should not revolve around homework only.

Come weekends, it is lovely to sleep late without worrying about getting to school on time. The joy of lying in bed listening to the activities of living things going about their business is particularly pleasant. The dog’s bark, the birds sing, my mother makes breakfast and my younger brother snores away on his bed. I just close my eyes and do nothing.

However, all good things must end and so it is with lazing in bed. Sooner or later my mother would come and make us get up. It is time again for the weekly house-cleaning. We would have .to wash the front porch, mow the lawn, trim the hedge and do a dozen other chores. Grudgingly I would go through the motions of work and gradually finish the chores by lunch. I always wonder why we must repeat the same chores every week. Can’t we let the grass grow a bit longer, the porch gets a little dirtier? How much difference will a little neglect make? Precious little, I suppose. Nevertheless, kids do not have power and we have to listen to the grown-ups. So, much as I dislike these weekly chores, I have to do them. I promise that will not do them when I grow up. By then they will be done by my children, hopefully.

Watching soap operas on TV is one thing I like doing least. I cannot understand how some people get so agitated over the antics of the actors on TV. Great effort is needed for me to tolerate the ridiculously loud TV blaring out whatever is said by some superstars. Ordinary life itself is filled with enough drama and excitement to stimulate the senses. Why do people go on to seek more of this make-believe excitement on TV? Why do they not spend their time in more creative pursuits, like reading or conversing with one another? I watched one soap opera program once, and that was more than enough. The show struck me as being silly and time-wasting. Yet many people indulge in this passive past-time, getting worked-up for nothing. I suppose it is a kind of addiction. I do not wish to become an addict so I never watch soap operas anymore.

There are other distasteful things that I do not like to do, but these are few in number. Most things do have some kind of loveliness in them. Just as the popular song goes: “Everything is beautiful, in its own way”, there is beauty around us and in everything we do. I look at beautiful things and enjoy them. Distasteful things pale by comparison.

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