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Essay on A Village Primary School

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Introduction: Bangladesh is a land of villages. About 80% of her population live in the villages. So, the majority of her children receive their knowledge in village primary schools.

What is it?: A village primary school is an institution where the village children come to get their first lessons. In the primary school, the children are given basic knowledge in the mother tongue. So, it is the home of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Kinds: There are government and non-government primary schools in the village. Almost all the villages of Bangladesh have Government Primary Schools.

Description: Some village primary schools are buildings and some are tin-shed houses. There are only a few benches and three or four teachers in a primary school. The teachers sit on the broken chairs. There is a blackboard in every room. The teachers or the students ring the bell.

Daily lesson: Home works are compulsory for the students. At the end of each hour, the little boys and girls repeat their lessons in the chorus. Reading, writing, arithmetic and mother tongue are daily lessons in the primary school.

The condition of teachers: Teachers are now government employees. Almost all of them are trained They are given a good salary. But most of them are not regular and responsible. They come and go at will.
The condition of students: Students age five to eleven are generally admitted into a primary school. Most of them are poor. They are in dirty clothes. Now they get free books. But most of the students leave the school before completion of the five years’ course in the primary school.

Measures to improve condition: Primary schools are the centers of developing mind and body of the children. So, the primary school teachers should think of the improvement of teaching. The parents should see that their children go to school and their lessons regularly.

Conclusion: The child of today is the citizen of tomorrow. So, the children should be given the proper primary education. Everybody should try his best to look after the village primary school.

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