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Paragraph on The Smithy

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  • The smithy?
  • Where is the smithy situated?
  • Who is called blacksmith?
  • How is he?
  • What does he do?
  • Where does he do his work
  • What do the school children do?
  • How does he lead his life?
  • How is he?

A smithy is situated under a large mango tree. The man who works in it is called a blacksmith his body is muscular. His hands are as strong as iron. His hair is crispy, black and long. As he works near a burning forge, his skin is tanned. He is very industrious. As he keeps on hammering on the anvil, his body and face often sweat he is busy making various tools like spades, hoes etc. a smithy has the bellows, a forge, a chain etc. a small boy works in it as an apprentice. He pulls the chain of bellows. When the forge burns bright and red, the passers-by look at it with a great curiosity, the school children enjoy the sound of the bellows and the sight of flying like sparks. The life of blacksmith is very simple and therefore he is carefree. He is also a man of generous and behaves well with others.

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