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Composition on Our School Garden

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School garden means the place which is covered with different types of vegetables and flowers, situated in the area of the school. Generally, every reputed and popular school in cities and towns has a school garden. It may be small, or large. Like others, we have also a garden in our school. It is a flower garden. It is situated beside our classroom near our school weal. Whenever we get time, we work on it. In our school garden, we grow many types of flowers such as the rose, the marigold, the china-rose, the jasmine, the tuberose, the china-box, etc.

On our holy days, we pass our time by working in our school garden. Sometimes we lose the soil with a spade and weed out the grass. Every afternoon after completing our classes we water the plants. Besides our flower garden, we also grow different types of vegetables and fruits. We put a strong fence around our school garden so that cattle and naughty boys cannot do any harm to our school garden. In the morning we gain much pleasure when we see our garden full of various blooming flowers. They spread a sweet smell. The garden also looks very charming. The beauty and sweet smell of the flowers make us jolly. When our friends come from another school to visit our school we take them into our school garden and show them various flowers. They become very glad and they thank us.

Before making this garden some of us were the boy of ill health. Day by day they became weak. We started the garden to have sound health and our health improved. Every day we work in the garden for at least two hours after completing our classes. As a result of our health runs well. We also keep a caretaker to look after the garden. Though gardening is very hard working it is enjoyable too. So now we are very proud of our school garden. Every day our guardians and other people visit our school to take their children’s condition. When they come to our school they visit our garden. When they visit our school garden and they admire our school garden. At last, they thank us and also our teachers.

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