Composition on Your Hobby

Hobby means one’s favourite occupation rather than one’s main business. A man generally works for money and bread. This is his main business. But this monotonous and dull. It is a hobby that relieves the mind from dullness and monotony. It gives him joy and pleasure. So, a man requires a hobby for the soundness of his body and mind.

I am a student. I have also a hobby. It is gardening.

There is a fallen plot of land in front of our house. I with the help of my younger brother, turn it into a garden. I make the soil loose with a hand spade. I weed out the weeds and grassroots. Then I put manure on the soil. I have made six beds and planted flower plants in them. I water them daily in the afternoon. Soon the plants grew up and were in flowers.

My garden is rich in various kinds of flowers. Chief among them is the rose, the Champa, the jasmine, the Beli, the maloti, and many other local flowers. There are a Sheuli, Kamini and two Gandharaj trees in my garden. When the flowers bloom, the garden looks very beautiful. The sweet scent of the flowers fills the air. My father often sits in the garden and reads periodicals and storybooks. On festive occasions, we decorate our houses with flowers from my garden I put some flowers in a flower vase on the table in my reading room. It creates a new atmosphere in the room.

Before I made this garden. I was a sickly boy. But now I am quite a healthy one. Physical labour and fresh air of the garden have a charming effect on me. They have been helpful to the growth of my body and mind as well.

A man must have a body that keeps a man away from a bad company and evil thoughts.

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