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Short Composition on My Favorite Hobby

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Introduction: hobby means one’s favourite occupation, but not one’s main business. A man does not depend on it for his living but it is not less important than his main business. It is an interesting way to enjoy our leisure period.

Kinds of hobby: there are many kinds of hobbies like cardamom, drawing pictures, painting, like flying, stamp collecting, fishing etc. Whatever be one’s hobby, it offers one pleasure and instruction.

My hobby: I like gardening because it is very useful for health and mind. It is a sort of physical exercise. It strengthens my health and refreshes my mind. Every day I get great pleasures when I see the blooming flowers in the grades. I am charmed by their beauty when they are tossed by a gentle breeze. The kid also gets pleasure when the sweet scent of flowers come into my room. Besides this, I grow some vegetables in my graded. This saves a lot of expenses for my family.

Conclusion: for as cheerful life every man should have a hobby. But we should see that our main works are not humped on account of it.

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