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Composition on My Favorite Hobby: Gardening

Question: Write your own experience about “Your Favourite Hobby (Gardening)“.

Answer: Hobby is nothing but an alternative mental occupation. It is not one’s main business or occupation. So one does not depend on it for one’s living. When the mind becomes engaged in any occupation, it works for a certain limit. Then it wants some change to relax and to restore energy. So a hobby is nothing but a gentle and pleasant occupation designed to take the tired brain off the burden of the main task.

My favorite hobby is gardening. No other hobby can give me more pleasure than it. I am a student. So to study is my main occupation. I remain confined with study in my classroom for long hours. So I want to relax my mind by working in my garden.

I have a garden of my own. It is in front of my house. Whenever I get time I work on it. I make the soil loose, weed out the grass and plant flower-plants in it. I take care of the flower plants regularly in the morning and in the evening. I also put a fence around my garden with bamboo sticks. So the cows, goats and the children cannot do any harm to it. I have all types of flowers in my garden. There are both seasonal and permanent flower-plants in my garden. When I visit my garden in the morning and see the blooming flowers, my heart is filled with joy and ecstasy. In the north corner of my garden, I have a small plot of land where I grow vegetables. It is a vegetable garden. I also grow cauliflowers, cauliflowers, cabbages, pumpkins, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, and other vegetables. My mother becomes very glad when I offer her some vegetables every morning. I study the books regarding flowers and vegetables. When vegetables and flowers grow, they give me extreme joy.

This hobby helps me in various ways. It refreshes my mind. It makes me forget the troubles and worries of life. It is helpful to my health; People should also have a hobby for delightful pursuits to make their life happy and pleasant. The fresh air of the garden makes my mind cheerful. The physical labor that, I give in the garden keeps my body fit. So, my hobby is useful to me in many ways.