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Paragraph on My Garden

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  • What kind of garden do you have?
  • Where is it?
  • When do you work in it?
  • What have you planted in your garden?
  • When and how do they make you happy?

Answer: My garden is the source of enjoyment and inspiration to do the best works and my studies. My garden is a two-part garden. One part has flowers, and the other has Vegetables. The garden is informed of c living room, which is a separate structure. I work in my garden both in the morning and in the afternoon. In the part set apart for flowers. I have planted ten kinds of flowers. Most of them are season flowers. In the vegetable part of the garden, I have planted mainly all vegetables There are two small beds where I have planted winter and summer vegetables. My garden is a great source of delight. When the flower plants are in bloom, I feel very happy. I also fell happy when I present my friends with bunches of flowers. When my vegetables are fully grown, they look beautiful and make me happy. I also feel happy when I give my mother some of them to cook. I also enjoy eating them.

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