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Essay on My Favorite Hobby

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[Hints: Introduction, the meaning of hobby, kinds of hobby, my favorite hobby.]

Introduction: Man is born free and he has the habit of free sinking and power of doing something spontaneously. Everyone has his own choice, attitude, beliefs inclination. and, above personality. Every man has his own hobby and he cherishes it duly. What is a business to one man, maybe a hobby to another? It is practically followed as an amusement.

Meaning of Hobby: Hobby, according to Oxford Dictionary, is “one’s favorite, occupation, not one’s main business”, It may not be somebody’s main business, but it does not depend on it for one’s living but it is no less important than one’s main business. It is usually followed during leisure. man cannot enjoy h:s leisure without a hobby. The pursuit of hobbies has an everlasting effect in making us active and interested in doing something, this or that. Without it, life becomes dull and monotones.

Kinds of the hobby: There are many kinds of hobbies which depend on the mood and ways of life of person collecting postage, gardening, fishing etc. are some of the common forms. Other hobbies take the form of game and sports: Great men of the world like Alexander. Washington, Napoleon, Tolstoy. Rabindranath, Bernard Show-all had their hobbies.

My favorite hobby/What is my hobby: Being a student, I do have a very busy schedule. Besides attending classes, I have to appear at different examinations round the year. At times this seems to be quite tedious and uninteresting. In order to escape from such monotony and its harmful effects, refresh me by means of a hobby and it is gardening.

Why favorite/Why do I like it?/ Reason for my choice: One may wonder why I should give time and energy to such an unproductive work. One may say it is a waste of time and energy. I do not feel or think it so. I spend only one hour daily in my garden. This strengthens my body and refreshes my mind. Every day in the morning I feel a. great pleasure when I sec my garden full of various flowers. I am charmed at when they are tossing their heads in the gentle breeze. In the afternoon I find pleasure in spending a quiet time in the garden. At night when the sweet scent of flowers come into my room with air, it makes me very happy and fills up my mind with heavenly peace and interest. Almost four years have passed since I picked up my gardening as a hobby. Now it has become a part of my life. Inflict, a beautiful garden itself is a constant source of pleasure.

Preparation: I have turned a small plot of land into a garden. The land is in front of my garden so that the naughty boys and cattle can do. no harm to my flower plants and other vegetables are grown in the garden.

My activities/ How I work with my hobby/ My responsibility for my garden: My garden is in front of our house. Wherever I find the time I work in it. I make the soil loose with a spade, weed out the grass, Ss and plant flower plants in it. I grow flowers in its one half and vegetables in the other. The flowers that I get regularly include the roses and belly. However, various kinds of seasonal flowers also add to the beauty of my garden. I grow cauliflowers, Cabbages, data including the seasonal vegetables in my garden. Sometimes I sow seeds of some plants and water them regularly. Thus I do everything myself like digging, manuring, watering etc. and take all possible care of it.

Usefulness/ benefits: One may ask why I like gardening as my hobby. This is because it does me a lot of good. I get many benefits from my garden. Before I made this garden I was a sickly boy, I lost my appetite and became very weak. But when I have started this garden and worked in it for some time, my health improved. Now I am quite a healthy boy both physically and mentally. Beside this, I grow some vegetables in my garden. This saves a lot of our family expenses.

Conclusion: A hobby is necessary to foster for the purpose of ‘making our life enjoyable. My hobby is a source of health, wealth and pleasure to me, I always take a mighty pride in my hobby.