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Dialogue Between Myself and My Friend About Our Hobbies

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Question: You are Shilpi. You met your friend Azmi in his garden. Gardening is her hobby. Your hobby is stamp collecting. You talk about your respective hobbies. Now, make a dialogue in 100 words between you and Azmi about your hobbies.

Answer: A dialogue between myself (Shilpi) and Azmi about our hobbies:

Myself: Hello Azmi, what’s the news? What are you doing here?

Azmi: Hi, what a pleasant surprise. I’m thinking about you just now when I’m watering the plants.

Myself: Really! How nice the garden is Do you take care of it yourself?

Azmi: Yes, my dear. You know, gardening is my hobby. And I enjoy my leisure time in the garden.

Myself: Oh! I see! How long have you been cherishing this hobby?

Azmi: It’s for about two years. Is it your hobby also?

Myself: Oh! No. My hobby is stamp collecting. I feel very happy when I put tamps of different’ countries on my album.

Azmi: It also nice. But my hobby keeps my body fit and Makes my mind fresh and – cheerful.

Myself: That’s fine. But you know stamps of different- countries lift my mind to history, geography, politics, and culture. Undoubtedly, I find pleasure in my hobby.

Azmi: Okay friend, bye.

Myself: Bye, see you again.