Composition On My Hobdy (Surfing Internet)

Question: Write A Short Composition On “Your Hobby (Surfing Internet).”

Answer: My hobby is surfing the internet. Every day I spend one or two hours. I enjoy surfing Net. I think surfing the internet is a hobby, which is enjoyable as well as educative.

The world is now based in science and technology. So, whatever the age is, one should know how to gather information using science and technology. It also helps me in my studies. For this, my parents never scold me, when I surf the internet. They can also be with me and get entertained by the beauty of beautiful websites.

Sometimes, my father gets help from me by having some information, which he includes in his articles. I usually buy prepaid cards from an ISP (Internet Service Provider). If I buy a card for two hundred takas. I can use 400 minutes. Sometimes I go to Cyber Cafes to surf Net. In the home, I usually surf Net at night. But I used to go to Cyber Cafes in the afternoon.

I use to chat, check emails, surf beautiful picture sites, educational sites, sites having the history and culture of different countries, different geographical sites. Surfing Net enhances my knowledge and lets me about the world without any physical effort. It is not possible for me to visit every country in the world and it is also not possible to get all the information concisely by reading books. Sites are designed for the people of all ages. So, the language is very easy to understand, the information is in a concise form. So I love to know the world in this way.

My hobby is a source of great joy and pleasure to me. It relieves me of the monotony of my studies. I am really fond of my hobbies. Everyone should have a hobby for delightful pursuits to make life happy, pleasant and meaningful.

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