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Short Paragraph on Internet

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Question: Write a paragraph about the ‘Internet’ by answering the questions below.

  1. What do you understand by the internet?
  2. How does it work?
  3. What is the importance of the internet?
  4. Has it widely spread all over Bangladesh?
  5. Why are the people all over Bangladesh deprived of the benefit of the internet?

Answer: The Internet is a modern international computer network. It is a speedy transmitting system of information with the help of computers and networks. Its functions are smooth, easy and rapid. A man can dial a number from his computer and a link to the internet will soon give him a connection in and outside the country according to his expectation. It is a milestone in the modern world of communication. Many educational institutions are greatly benefitted through the use of the internet. Through it, we find all the important information stored on the computer. It plays an effective role in the field of trade and commerce. Internet-based e-commerce has become very popular with the customers because the customers can buy or choose anything without going to market. Students can go through several books from the libraries without going there. In the near future, the students will be able to take their class lectures from anywhere in the world through the Internet. Bangladesh’s Internet has opened a new dimension in our communication system. But the use of the Internet in our country is still expensive. The majority of people in Bangladesh don’t have access to the internet. Bangladesh govt. is taking many steps to make the internet accessible to all.

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