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Essay on Internet and the Teenagers Or, Internet: Uses and Impacts on Social Life

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At present, International Computer Network Service is known as the Internet which is an inter-link system. Internet is a major networking system comprised of innumerable networks spread all over the world. In a broader sense, the Internet is called a network of networks, or it is also called internetwork. It is the latest invention of science and the greatest advancement in the field of communication. It is a computerized process with a telephone set. It is maintained by its number like a telephone number. In the present world, the internet is a milestone of much-talked mobility. Through its use, new information can be collected for research work, learners get solutions to their problems, and extreme excellence of communication has been possible.

Kinds of Internet

The users can be the receiver of the Internet in two ways. The first one is the online Internet that directly and all-time connects the receivers with the service providers through a telephone line. It is online internet. As for this internet, the users can be connected at any time with any other provider. Besides, on the IPAC-CES method, one can be directly connected with the online internet. But the ordinary clients are disinterested in this method because it is very expensive. The second one is offline internet known as e-mail. In this method or process, the receivers take any nearby server as a medium, and for this, it is called off-line internet or e-mail. Mediocre clients get some facilities from this process as it is less expensive.

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The prime cause of internet innovation was the military. During the cold war the war experts of two superpowers, the then USSR and the USA, became restless for fear of the nuclear bomb. They doubted that the entire communication system would disrupt with the very explosion of the destructive nuclear bomb. That is why, as an alternative to the telephone Internet was innovated in the thought of preserving the communication media from being destroyed. However, to maintain communication secretly and always the USA, at first in 1969, started the use of the Internet. Then it was known as MILNET. The technology was experimentally given to the US universities to make it more beneficial to people, and at this, the universities gained exceptionally new success in the field of information transmission and educational research. In 1984, National Science Foundation, USA launched a universal communication system named NSFNET. Then it was a media of information exchange for research work only.

Within every three years, NSFNET was scattered throughout the whole world. Thenceforth, more networks emerged gradually. Consequently, a somewhat anarchic situation arose. To get rid of this anarchy a check was needed in total management. And for this, at the beginning of the 1990s, a central network was set up and world inhabitants became acquainted with the Internet. In 1993, it was made open for commercial use, and within very some months some million members were connected with the Internet. Now, more than 40,000 networks have been connected with Central networks all over the world. The users are more than 60 crores.

Importance and Usage and Impact

Manifold benefits are available through the Internet. Now benefits are countless, to say the truth. For example; a News Group is an information organization. By using News Group with the help of the Internet, world news can be learned. In the field of writing and research, the most useful thing is an appropriate book. For collecting a research book may have to go abroad. Besides having information about the United State of Congress, many other world-famous rare books can be read, and information about them can be had through the Internet living in Bangladesh. Give and take, related to trade and commerce, can be accomplished through it. Someone generally goes to a foreign lawyer for having lawful counsel regarding complicated cases. But now it does not require to go abroad for this purpose as the Internet will help us in this field. Respecting tour and tourism Internet plays the role of a pioneering guide as well. Through the application of the `Archi’ method of the internet, the needed file among thousands of office files can be found out. By dint of Internet, better treatment can be taken. At present, it is being profusely used in banks as well. Besides, many other activities such as watching games and sports and cinema, hearing songs, learning cooking, knowing about fashion and even making wedding relation can be run through the Internet. In these ways, Internet has been an easy medium of multifarious activities. The matter of giving and take information with other computers can be accomplished by e-mail. Through News Group it is possible to be the reader of the dailies released on the Internet. By tail-net information can be changed with other Internet users. With the help of go-far file is found out from the Internet, and the file can be copied in one’s computer. Again, through file transfer files can be sent from one computer to another and files can be preserved.

Bangladesh Perspective

In Bangladesh, the use of computers started in the 1960s. Statistics show that as an alternative to typewriter 90% of computers are being used for publication work. Recently, Bangladesh has been connected with the Internet, an imperial of the international information flow. The use of the Internet in our country began on 11 November 1993. At the very beginning, Bangladesh mainly used offline Internet services. Of course, communication was also maintained by the main service of some institutes. From the middle of 1996, the circuit of online Internet service has started in the country. Now here about four lac, people are the users of the internet.


Relevantly worth mentioning that Internet has some negative impacts. Everything has its merits and demerits. It is not an unmixed blessing; there are some bad sides to it too. Through it, some dishonest users deal with anti-social activities such as passing wrong information, exchanging pornography, gambling, etc. Recently, a Hollywood film (Innocence of Muslims) directed by Nakula Basili Nakul, an Israeli director, was released on the internet. In the film the prophet Mohammed (Sm.) and Islam have been disdainingly criticized as a result of which the whole Muslim world is agitated; they have launched a movement against the film and the film director, and in many countries of the world including Bangladesh, the website You-Tube has been banned for the time being. In China, it is still forbidden. Again, privacy is broken through internet hacking. Recently, the USA complains about the Chinese hackers, and so does China. Julian Assange, the innovator of Wiki Leaks, is arrested in the Ecuadorian High Commission Office in London for divulging the privacy of many countries including the UK, USA, India, Bangladesh, etc. Of course, the majority of people of the world are on his part, but the reality is that a conflict has spread all over the world for his action. Again, someone creates a computer virus and releases it on the Internet line, and in this way, many computers lose many files stored in the computer for virus invasion. For example, in 1988, someone willingly influx `Internet Worm’ Virus into California University Computer Network and so some thousand computers were severely damaged. A virus named ‘Chernobyl Virus’ raids at an appointed time of the year and thousands of computers of the world become outdated. Again, most of the users are young who sometimes use the Internet negatively, and thus their morality is degrading.


To sum up, the Internet is a wonderful technology of the 20th century. With the arrival of the 21st century, technology has expanded in almost all the countries of the world. As a result, Internet has initiated a great revolution in the sphere of information exchange, trade and commerce, treatment, education, communication, and the like. All the hard tasks of the universe will be arrested into man’s fist. In this situation, the third world will also proceed to the advancement alongside the developed world. The Internet contains fewer disadvantages and more advantages. With some negative impacts, it possesses comparatively more positive impacts. But technology should be used for the sole good of mankind. Therefore, no negative impact of the Internet can be allowed anyhow.

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