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Essay on Reading Books

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[Hints: Introduction, Various purposes of books, Various kinds of books, Careful selection of books for reading, Importance of reading books, Demerits, Conclusion.]

Introduction: Milton says “Books are not absolutely dead things, but do contain a potency of life in them to be as active as that soul whose progeny they are.” Actually, books are very valuable. They contain knowledge which is a power itself. So, one can be powerful if he or she gains knowledge by reading books.

Various purposes of books: We read books for various purposes. Sometimes we read books to acquire Knowledge and education. Sometimes we read books for pleasure and modification.

Various kinds of books: Nowadays, books of various kinds are found. There are storybooks, poetry books, academic books, scriptures, books on general knowledge and many other books. There are also some bad books containing indecent pictures and stories.

Careful selection of books for reading: For reading, it is very important to make a careful selection of books. One should read such books which can enlighten his or her mind, purify it and satisfy its thirst for knowledge.

Importance of reading books: Human civilization cannot be imagined without books. Books are the store-house of knowledge. By reading books we can know about many mysterious things of the universe. Books change our outlooks. They give directives to choose the right way of life. Like friends, they give pleasure in unhappiness. So the habit of reading books is very essential for self-improvement.

Demerits: Books are not unmixed blessings. They have some demerits too. Young boys and girls are often misguided by reading bad books. These books lead them to various unsociable activities. As a result, the normal course of life in society is hampered.

Conclusion: No doubt that books are the most important elements of modern civilization. The contents of books never die. They are as fresh as they were in the past. Hence we can easily have the ideas of the past only by reading books. So we have to form the habit of reading books for the greater purposes noted above.

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