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Composition on Duties of a Student

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Introduction: Students spend a definite period of the life in educational institutions to gather knowledge. This period of life is called student life. It is the seed time of a man’s life During his period a student has some important duties to do. He should prepare himself for the struggle of life. He should be careful about the proper use of this period of life.

His main duty: A student is free from all cares and anxieties of life. Regular study is the main duty of a student. He should read his books attentively. He should do his home-tasks and class- tasks regularly. He should listen to what his teachers say and note down everything. He should make the best use of his time. He should acquire knowledge of every kind and equip himself with requisite qualifications for his future life.

Health and character: The duty of a student should not be limited to learning only. He should be neat and clean and take proper Care of his health. He should read while it is time for him to read and he should play while it is time to play. This would make him wise happy and gay. He must build up his character. If the character is lost everything is lost. So, he should give up the evil company and form good habits.

Social services in vacation: He should also perform some social services during his vacation. He can organize social service group in his school to work in different areas. Thus, he can help the poor and distress

Other duties: A student should take part in all co-curricular activities for all-round development. He must obey and respect his teachers, parents, and elders. He should be dutiful to his country and Allah.

Conclusion: Student life is the best time of a man’s life. He should make the Koper use of the time.

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