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Composition on Student Life

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The period that we spend acquiring knowledge in our educational institutions like schools, colleges, and universities is called student life. It is the golden period of our life and also a period of preparation for the future.

Students have many duties. Among them, their main duty is to study and acquire knowledge. They should be regular in the classes and read their lessons attentively. Besides reading textbooks, they should read newspapers, magazines, novels, stories, etc. which will develop their general knowledge.

They should make the best use of their time; because time and tide wait for none. At this stage, they should build up the habit of practicing honesty, truthfulness, sympathy, generosity, and obedience.

Students have some duties to their nation. They may extend their helping hands in times of any national crisis. During natural calamities, they can stand by the suffering people. They can collect funds for helpless people and take part in relief operations. Finally, they should study and work hard for the benefit of the country.

The most important factor of student life is the value of time.  They should do everything on time and they should not keep any work for tomorrow. They should obey their parents, teachers, and seniors. They should good behave with others. They must have good discipline and be co-operative with everyone.

Therefore, student life is the best part of an individual’s life. At this time the main task of the student is to study. We should stop thinking of anything else and concentrate on education. Education must be given the top priority.

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