Paragraph on The Student Life

The time that is spent in schools and colleges for education is called student life. It is the time to sow seeds of future life. The main duty of students is the acquired knowledge. Because has is the future wish and hope of the nation. So he should prepare himself so that he can serve the people when he is grown up. Student life is not the proper time to do things. It is the time to ‘prepare’ for things to be done in future. Students life Is the proper time to build one’s character. A good man is loved and respected by all. A student should try to become a good man in his future life. In this period students should acquire the qualities of being truthful, honest and active. A student should avoid nasty politics. The success of future life depends on student life. So student life is important for life. Every student should use this important time properly.




The Student Life Or, Life of the Student

The student life is the best period of our life. It is the time during which boys and girls get their education in different educational institutions. The life is free from all sorts’ anxieties. This is the time when a student gathers knowledge, builds up his character and prepares himself for the future life. His future life depends on how he spends his student life. If he makes the best use of his time, he will be happy. If he neglects his duties, he will suffer in life. So it is rightly called the sowing season of human life. A student’s primary duty is to acquire knowledge. For that, he must study hard. He should read newspapers, magazines, and periodicals. He should be careful about his health. He should maintain the laws of keeping good health. He should be always neat and clean. He must avoid bad companions. He should be obedient to his parent, teachers, and superiors. He must be upright and truthful. He should learn good manners. He should be gentle and well-behaved. During leisure, he should take part in spreading education among illiterate people. During holidays and leisure hours, they should try to help their parents in their household works. They should so help their motherland in any national calamity. A student of today is the citizen of tomorrow. So he should utilize his student life properly.

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