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Paragraph on Profile of Your Own School

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  1. How is human mind?
  2. How do some incidents of the past influence human heart?
  3. Which important thing which you will cherish to the last day of your life?
  4. What role did your school play on you?
  5. How were the teachers of your school?
  6. What was the condition of Co-curricular activities of your school?

Answer: Human memory is very faint and feeble. He forgets a thing easily. It does not take much time for him to forget the past. Though past memories are very sweet, they sink into oblivion. Again, there are some things which cut a deep impression in the rosy sanctuary of the human heart and find a passage in the innermost recess of human heart. My school is such a thing which I will cherish to the last day of my life. My school-Matbari Serajia High School is one of the distinguished seats of learning. It seems to me that I have passed the happiest days of my life in my school. They have occupied a special place in my mind. My school opened a new horizon in my life because all of my teachers taught me how to build up a rosy future and a bright career. All the teachers were qualified and trained. They were very supportive and friendly. They tried their best to bring out the latent talent of the students. My school is famous not only for its brilliant results but also for its co-curricular activities. They reach the students on a personal level and encourage them to work hard and become ambitious. The school runs a debating a club. Our English teacher is in charge of the club. The school has a big playground. Students play different kinds of games and sports. I do not find any suitable language to give a vigorous expression of my school.

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