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Paragraph on What Do You do in Your School?

Question: Suppose you are Rasheed. Your friend is Shahadat. Your friend wants to know what you do, in your school. Now write a paragraph about it following the keywords:

  • Your academic activities
  • Sports and others

Answer: I am a student or Our School remains very busy all through the clay. Our classes begin at 30 in the morning and run till 4 in the afternoon short break at 1 O’clock. Within this period. I have to place my school, I have to place Bangla, English, mathematics and geography, my compulsory subjects before the leisure ‘period to my teacher-S. In my leisure period, I take my tiffin. Sometimes I play with my classmates in our school game room. Then I place my other lessons to my teachers. rafter every lesson. we get 10 minutes’ leisure time. At this time, I discuss it with others. students about our lessons or gossip with them. I play football, hockey or ha-du-du with other students. We have also a debating club in our school and I also take part in debates. Our school arranges cultural functions in every month and I sing a patriotic son; on that day. Most of the days of my school, with My friends. water in our school garden.