Story on Generosity and Good Example

The generosity of a Friend

Mr. Ahmed has just completed his graduation. He has not got any job yet. Some of his friends serve in Dhaka. So, he came to Dhaka with the hope that his friends would help him in getting a job. He went to one of his childhood friends. The door of the friend’s house remained closed from inside. He knocked at the door. He kept standing for a while. His friend was in the house. He responded to his call. He was highly glad to see his friend. He wanted to know why Ahmed came to Dhaka. Ahmed told him everything. In the evening, Rahim took his friend to his friend’s factory. There he managed a job for Ahmed. Thus, he helped his friend.


The Generosity of a Schoolboy

Once a schoolboy named Ashanullah was going home after completing his class. When he was crossing the road, he saw an old woman lying on the road. She was senseless. There was nobody to help her. Ashanullah came near the woman. He felt pity for the woman. He could not understand what to do. Suddenly, he noticed a vanity bag on the lap of the woman. He took it. He found an identity card in the bag. He took her in a rickshaw to reach her home. After reaching home, the family members were pleased with Ashanullah. When the woman came to sense, she prayed for him.

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