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Paragraph on The Statue of Liberty

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Question: Write a paragraph on “The Statue of Liberty.” You will have to include these keywords:

  • What is it?
  • Why is it?
  • What is the importance of it?
  • Describe the physical structure of the Statue of Liberty?

Answer: Statue of Liberty is the greatest symbol of freedom of the United States of America. It Is situated to the Liberty Island Formerly named Bedloe’s Island. It is in the Neu York City the capital of United States, The Statue Symbolizes liberty in the form of a woman wearing flowing robes and spiked crown. She holds a torch’ aloft in her right hand and carries in her left-hand a book in Scribed “July 4, 1776”. It to the United States to commemorate the centennial of us Independence in 1876. French -Govt. collected subscription from the population for the purpose of the Statue. Us donors also financed for the purpose. It is the largest statue in the world. It is formed of copper sheet riveted to an iron framework. It is about 306 feet height from the bottom of the pedestal to the tip of the torch. The weight of the statue is 254 tones. It indicates the international friendship among the countries. It also attracts tourists coming to the United States.

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