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Paragraph on Your House

Question: Suppose, your friends are Seema. She wants to know from you about the house. Now write a paragraph about your house following the keywords:

  1. Where is it situated?
  2. What type of house is it?
  3. What things possess?

Answer: The house I live in is a tin-shaded one. It is situated at Islampur union under the district of Chapai Nawabganj. The house looks beautiful from outside. It faces the north. There are four bedrooms and a reading-room for me. The kitchen stands on the south and consequently smoke cannot enter into the house. There is also a spacious yard where a small flower-garden is situated. I water the flowers daily. Outside of my house, there are ten to twelve trees of various kinds surrounding my house which give us shade. The river Mahananda enhances the beauty of my houses as it flows with it murmuring sound just beside the house. There is a high school near my house as well. am proud and happy to live in such a house that is free from the din and bustle of urban life.