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Paragraph on The House I Live In

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The house in which I live is two stored building and we live on the ground floor. The shape of the building is really beautiful. So, it looks very beautiful both inside and outside. It faces in the south. So, the sunshine and fresh air can easily get all the time. There is no difficulty to live in this house both in summer and winter because the house is perfect for both seasons. There are two bedrooms and a study room for me. The kitchen stands on the north and for this smoke cannot enter the house. There is a flower garden in front of the building. So, we always get the sweet smell of blooming flowers which always makes us fresh and also active. The environment of my house is healthy because we always keep it neat and clean. There is a main road beside our house. So, we can move from one place to another easily. The beauty of my house always charms all very much. I feel happy to live in such a fine house.

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