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Composition on My Home

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Introduction: in order to live in society every man must have residence. This residence is known as house. When there are different kinds of house n a particular place for different purposes it is called a home. As a social being, we have also a home.

Situation: my home is in a village where I live in. it is situated in the district of Mymensingh. It is called Rahmatullah Chaudhury bari. It faces to the south and is thus conducive to health.

Description of my home: at present, there are seven houses in my home. The main house is a two-storied building it is the house where my late grandfather lived in I myself also live in this house now.It has as many as sixteen rooms. My grandfather built these rooms for different purposes at that time. Now, these are also used for different purposes. My parents live in a room on the ground floor. The room is well-furnished. My room is in the upstairs. My elder sister has a separate room of her own. My brothers, sisters and I are eight members of our family.

The houses are painted white. The kitchen is just behind the main house. The cow-shed is at least ten yards apart from the main house. The hens and the pigeons have separate dwelling sheds. There are two gardens in our house-one for flowers and the other for vegetables. The flower garden is just below my reading room. In our vegetable garden there grow various kinds of vegetables. My father is very fond of vegetable. So he takes special care of the garden. Both our gardens are well fenced. The main building faces the garden.

Its environment: our home is very neat and clean in all respects: everything there is arranged in good order. Father connote see thins in disorder and we do all accordingly strict discipline is observed in our home in everything. Father is the head of the family. My mother is endowed with well feminine qualities. She knows how to cut her coat according to cloth. We live a happy life for our good arrangement.

Conclusion: considering all these, my house is an ideal one. I love it very much. I was born here and I want to die here with a peaceful heart.

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