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Paragraph on Our Home

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Question: Write a similar paragraph about your home.

Our Home (Home in the Village)

Answer: My home is in the village and consists of only two structures. One is much larger than the other is and its wall is made of wood and its roof is made of sheets of corrugated iron. It consists of three bedrooms and veranda. The veranda is used as a living room. However, if any of our close relatives come, we receive him in one of the bedrooms. We have no dining room; we spread a mat or mats on the floor of the bedroom near the kitchen and eat our meals, sitting on it or on them. The smaller structure is our kitchen. It is a thatched hut-like structure. Jute-stick fences enclose the two structures. There are a few fruit trees outside the fences. There are many much better houses in our village. There are also many more that are much worse. I am pleased with the home I have and I love it deeply


Our Home (Home in A Town/City)

Answer: My home is in a town and it is a one-story brick-built structure. It has three bedrooms, one living room, a guest room, and A kitchen. There is also a veranda. The building stands on a large piece of land; So, it has a large lawn in front of it and a spacious backyard. A high wall encloses the backyard. There are a few fruit trees in the backyard. The lawn is protected with a waist-high wall. On the two sides of the building, there are two gardens. One is a Vegetable garden and the other is a flower garden. This place has been my home since I was born and so it is very dear to me.

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