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Essay On The House I Live in Or, Our House

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Introduction: Everyone needs a house to live in. In order to lead a happy and healthy life, the house is the best place for man. So, we have a house. It is very beautiful to look at. I like it very much.

Location: our house is situated in a village called Rupnagar near Dhaka city. It is only three kilometers away from the city. Our house is within half a mile from a first-grade college and two high schools. It is in an open place with good space on all sides. So it is free from noises.

Color and shape: ours are a fashionable E-shaped one storied bungalow pattern house. The whole house-building is painted yellow. It faces the south.

Rooms: The house has eight rooms- three-bedrooms, one guest room, one reading room, one store room, one drawing room, and one dining room. All of them are well equipped with comfortable modern furniture.

Gardens: There are two gardens in our house a flower garden and a kitchen garden. The flower garden is in front of my reading room. We plant their various kinds of flower plants. When flowers bloom in the garden; the house looks heavenly. We grow seasonal vegetables in the kitchen garden. It is near the kitchen.

Sanitary condition: The house is always kept neat and clean. There are drains on all sides of the house to pass out dirt and filthy water. There is a tube-well beside the kitchen. We drink its water. We have a sanitary latrine behind the house. There is also a bathroom beside the tube-well. So, our house is quiet, healthful.

Security: The house is well secured. There is a wall around the house area. A strong iron gate with a good locking system is also fixed up with the boundary wall. Besides, the doors and windows are also made of iron. There is a security guard appointed by my father at the entrance gate of the house. So, the house is quite safe to live in.

Trees: There are some fruit trees like mango, coconut, and jack-fruit along the boundary wall. They keep our house cool by giving shades. We also get firewood from them.

House dwellers: We are seven members in our family to live in this beautiful house. They are my father, mother, one sister, we two brothers, one maidservant and a security guard.

Conclusion: This is the house I want to live in all my life. It is a dreamland to me. I was born here and want to die here peacefully.

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