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Paragraph on Your Reading Room

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  • What is a reading room?
  • Where is it?
  • What furniture is there?
  • How do you feel remaining in your reading room?
  • What do you do there?
  • How big is it?
  • How is your reading room?

Answer: The room, which is used only for reading, is called a reading-room. I am a student separate from class 8 Govt. Tejgaon Boys High School. Being a student, I have a reading-room. It faces to the South. It is not a very big room in space. There are a door and a window in it. There is a chair, a table and beautiful bookshelf on a corner in my reading room. The books of my reading room are nicely adorned. According to my routine, I prepare my lessons. I always keep my reading room neat and clean. I have written down on the door of my reading-room my reading room ‘No Entrance’. I feel comfortable in my reading-room in season and out of season.




Your Reading Room


  1. What is meant by a reading room?
  2. Where is it situated?
  3. What is the size?
  4. How is it furnished?
  5. How do you keep it?
  6. How do you feel about your reading room?

Question: the room which is used for reading is called a reading room. Every student has a separated reading room. I am a student. So I have a reading room in my house. It is a tin-shed room. It faces to the south. It enables the sunlight and air enter my reading room easily. My reading room is well-furnished. My books are kept nicely in the bookcase. There is an almirah in my reading room. Important books and works are kept in it. I have also a daily routine to follow. It is hanging on the wall. There are an electric fan and a tube-light in my reading room. I always keep my reading room neat and clean. I feel very comfortable in my reading room. I am really proud of my reading room.

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