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Paragraph on My Reading Room

Ours is a bungalow – type house and my reading room occupies a part of its eastern side. It is a small room with two doors and two windows. So, a lot of light and air can get into the room. There is also a ceiling fan in the room. It is turned on when it is hot. There is also an electric lamp. It is turned on at night. In the center of the room, there is a table with two chairs. I sit on one of the chairs and the other is meant mainly for my tutor. It put or.ly a few books on the table and the others are kept in a bookcase. I take down from it any book that I need and put it back in its place. I have been using the room as my reading since I was in class. 3. So I have become very fond of it. I always keep it clean and tidy.



My Reading Room


  1. Where is your reading room?
  2. How have you arranged the room?
  3. How is your room?
  4. Where do you take rest when you feel tired?
  5. How do you feel in your reading room?

Answer: my reading room is a small room in our main house. In my reading room, there are two chairs, one table, and a book-shelf. I keep my book and exercise books on the shelf. I read sitting on a chair at my table. The room is well-ventilated. It has got one door and two windows. A few pictures of some great men and renowned poets hang on the wall. In a corner, there lies an easy chair. When I feel tired of work at my reading table. I retire to it and keep turning over the pages of an illustrated magazine. I always feel quite and calm at home when I am in my reading room. My reading room gets sufficient light and air. I keep it neat and clean.