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Paragraph on A Wedding Ceremony

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Question: Write a paragraph on ‘A Wedding Ceremony‘. In your paragraph, describe what is it the time and place, the reception of the bridal party and so on.

Answer: A wedding ceremony is the party of the couple at a certain time. It is a sort of feast on a marriage. A wedding ceremony is generally held in a community center. Those who are not financially solvent arrange this ceremony at home. It is held generally in the afternoon or in the evening. The community center is decorated with various colored lights and colored canopy. Guests attend the ceremony in their beautiful dress and gift for the new bridegroom and the bride is the center of attraction of a wedding. Ceremony. The bridegroom wears Sherwani and a pagri on his head. The bride wears a gorgeous sari and valuable ornaments After completion of all formalities, the bride’s side farewell to the bride with tearful eyes. The bride also departs I shedding tears; the wedding ceremony is a part and parcel of Bangladeshi culture.

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