Email to Your Friends Inviting Them to Attend the Occasion of The Marriage Ceremony

Question: Suppose, the marriage ceremony of your elder sister will be held on 7th February. Some of your friends will attend the function. Now, write an e-mail to your friends inviting them to attend the occasion of the marriage ceremony.

To: [email protected],[email protected]

Subject: Invitation to attend the marriage ceremony of my elder sister

My dear friends,
Take my cordial hive. I hope all of you are doing very well. You will be happy to know that the marriage ceremony of my elder sister is going to be held on 7th February at our residence. I have already invited Basir, Helal, and Rubi and they have agreed to come. I hope you will also join. My parents also expect you very much amongst us. The bridegroom’s party will reach our house at 7 p.m. on the fixed date. I request you to come to our house several hours earlier because we have to take preparation to receive the guests. Please, don’t miss to arrive on time.

No more today. I will be waiting for you.
Yours ever,

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