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Composition on A Wedding Ceremony I Attended

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Introduction: wedding ceremony acts as a source of great variety in everybody’s life. I had an occasion to enjoy a wedding ceremony last week. It was held on the occasion of my friend’s elder sister.

Decoration: a big pandal with shamiana above was created. An arched gate with fresh flowers was made at the entrance of the pandal. The entire place was decorated with multicolored bulbs. My friend’s sister was wearing a red saree with a stone-setting jeweler. The groom was wearing the traditional Sherwan.

Wedding and feast: the bridal party reached at about 8 p.m. they were more than one hundred in number. We welcomed them to the gate. They had to pay an entrance fee according to the prevailing tradition. The formalities of the marriage were completed in a cordial environment. The Qazi recited verses from the Holy Qur’an. Solemnized the marriage and held a Munajat at the end. Now the bridegroom stood up and saluted the guest and the now the bridegroom stoop us and saluted the guests and the new relations. Then we took them to their seats and served them with syrup. Then after a short recess came to turn of serving food. Traditional Birian, Bezala, Borhani, and Jarda were served. Everybody enjoyed the food with great satiety.

Leaving scene: this being over, the bridegroom was taken to the bride’s special room. She was surrounded by a group of jubilant ladies and young girls, the put the bridegroom to a lot of feminine harassment’s and enjoyed them most. At about 10.30 p.m. the bridal party left the house with the bride. The leaving sconces of the bride were very pathetic. The crying scene of the bride’s parents touched all of us very deeply. I could not help shedding my tears to see the bride’s eyes full of tears.

Conclusion: I enjoyed every moment of my stay in the ceremony. The memory of the ceremony shall remain every fresh in my mind.

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