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Paragraph on Premature Marriage

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Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. What do you mean by premature marriage?
  2. Do you see the premature marriage in cities or in villages?
  3. What are the causes of premature marriage in our country?
  4. Does premature marriage create any problem in the society?
  5. Do you have any suggestion to solve this problem?

Answer: Premature marriage means a wedding between a young boy and a young girl before they are matured. The girls of the extreme poverty-ridden families in the slums of the towns and cities and of villages are found to be married off before 15. The parents of their families cannot afford to send their girls to schools and cannot provide them with jobs. Thus, situations force the parents to get them married. Only poverty plays a key role here. Early marriage may break down her health. A young wife is be conceived to suffer from malnutrition and other diseases. In such a condition of her health, weak baby is born with different complications. So, this practice of early marriage should be stopped. Our government has already imposed ban on marrying a girl before 18 and a boy before 21. This is a positive sign for us. To encourage female education our govt has already taken some positive steps, such as giving stipends to girls, recruiting more female teachers etc. This will also help stopping premature marriage.

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