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Paragraph on Population Problem

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The balanced population is a boon for any country. On the contrary, overpopulation is a curse. This is true for Bangladesh. There are many causes behind it. The first and foremost cause is ignorance. Most people are not aware of its consequences. The next cause is religious and social superstition. Here most people are blindly God-fearing. They do not know the real import of their respective religions. Family planning is a great sin to them. Another main cause is early marriage. Many girls are not aware of the consequence of having more and more children. They are not aware of their health. The country is facing a lot of problems with population problems. First of all, the country is facing food scarcity. Then the second effect is the housing problems. For the huge population, poor people are deprived of all basic needs. Overpopulation leads the country to the unemployment problem. The following measures can be prescribed to solve the problem. Firstly, all should be educated. Secondly, the value of family planning should be introduced among all. Thirdly, Early marriage should be discouraged. Fourthly, famous religious figures should come forward. Fifthly, electronic and print media should play an important role. Last, of, various types of encouraging programs should be staged.

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