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Composition on Population Problem in Bangladesh

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Introduction: population problem is the most dreadful problem now facing Bangladesh. It is the number one problem of our country. Lord McNamara, the ex-president of the World Bank, said, ‘population explosion is one of the most perplexing problems the world now facing besides nuclear war.’

Growth rate: ours is a small country of 1, 47,570 square kilometers with a big population of about sixteen cores. The population is no longer an asset but a serious liability for Bangladesh. The last census tells us that the growth rate of population in Bangladesh is 21.6 per 1000 people. It is undoubtedly an alarming growth rate of population. It is said that population is multiplying Bangladesh like mice in a barn.

Causes of high birth rate: many are the causes of the high birth rate in Bangladesh.

  • Lack of education
  • Early marriage
  • Climatic influence
  • Low standard of living
  • Social and religious superstitions
  • Lack of recreational facilities
  • Lack of willingness to adopt birth control measures
  • The tendency of having a male child and giving birth to a female child one after another etc…

We think that Malthusian theory of population is working badly behind our population explosion. The theory states that population increases at the geometrical progression while food production increases at the arithmetical progression. It means that the population in Bangladesh is increasing at a rate more than that of food production. It is undoubtedly eating into the vitality our national economy seriously.

Bad effects of the large population: many are evils of a large population:

  • Income per head decreases
  • Land per head decreases
  • People remain unemployed
  • Land becomes fragmented
  • Rate of saving declines
  • Housing problem becomes acute
  • Prices of things go up
  • Balance of trade becomes unfavorable

Social values are degraded etc.

The threat to economic development: Bangladesh has already become a serious victim of the vicious circle of poverty with a great deficit in food grains. She has to import millions of tons of food grains from foreign countries every year by spending a huge amount of our hard-earned foreign currency. Consequently, our efforts to develop many an important and vital sector of the economy are greatly hampered.

Experts view: our experts say that more than 20 lacks new mouths are being added every year apprehend that the population of Bangladesh might be more than 25 cores by next 50 years. Obviously, it needs no telling unchecked; the whole nation will have suffered the grievous consequences of population explosion.

Measures to control population:

  • The control of the population is the crying need of the day. The following measures can be taken to control the population:
  • To educate the masses to educate women folk
  • To adopt family planning small families
  • To award parents having only two children
  • To impose penalty on parents having more than two children
  • To make wide publicity through mass media
  • To attain self-sufficiency in food grains

Above all, our government should make all-out efforts to make the best possible use of our natural shavings.

Conclusion: ours is a developing country. We cannot expect to reach our desired goals without solving the population problem. It is highly desired goals without solving the population problem. It is high time we started a campaign control population explosion. The sooner we can solve the problem, the better the better not only for us but also for our future generations.

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