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Short Composition on Population Problem in Bangladesh

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Introduction: Bangladesh is a small country. The population of Bangladesh is now about 110 million. Our total land area is 14 million hectares. On an average, more than one thousand people live in each square kilometer.

Present problems: overpopulated Bangladesh is a land of food deficit. So, Bangladesh has to import millions of tons of food grains from foreign countries. She spends the major portion of her income every year for food grains only. As a result, she cannot give attention to many important development works. Her people do not get proper clothes, houses, medical cares, educational institutions, furniture, household articles and many other things. They do not get works.

Future problems: if our population grows fast at the present rate, the additional people will need many additional things like food grains, clothes, houses, hospitals, educational institutions etc. they will need work. They will not get all they need. Then Bangladesh will be subjected to poverty and famine.

How to solve the problem: in order to solve the population problem which is getting keener and keener the growth of population must be checked first. They should be made to understand the necessity of family planning. Secondly, we must grow more food grains to feed the presently increased mouths. Thirdly, some employment opportunities should immediately be created to accommodate the unemployed young people.

Conclusion: eighty-five percent people of Bangladesh are illiterate. They do not and cannot realize the gravity of overpopulation. Moreover, they are quite ignorant of family planning. They should be given a clear idea of the fair standard of living. One or two child family is encouraged by the present age. If this plan is materialized, the rapid growth of population will be checked and the population problem of the country will be solved.

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