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Essay on Grow More Food

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Introduction: Our population is growing but we do not produce enough food. So, everybody does not have enough food to eat. We have to import a large number of food grains to meet the growing need for food. But we are not solvent enough to continue this practice any longer. So, we ought to grow more food.

The campaign Grow more food: “Grow more food” is a slogan of the campaign. This is a country wide campaign launched by the government. It has been launched to boost up the production of food grains. It is an essential programme.

Necessity: The land area of Bangladesh is very small in comparison with her growing population. Ours is a very poor country. She is not so much economically sound that every year she can import food from foreign countries. This practice will act adversely to our economy.

How the programme can be made a success: The organ of the government is to give advice and directions to the followers of food grains through pamphlets broadcasting or filmstrips. The Agricultural Bank of the country can sanction loans to the growers for buying better seeds, fertilizer and bullocks. The agricultural department can supply with them power-tillers, power-pumps, tractors etc. Measures should be taken against floods and salinity. The government and the people of the country should be more active to materialize the programme. Our paddy fields remain empty for some months after the annual harvesting. We should try to grow other crop in these fields during that period. This additional production will help us to solve our food problem. Moreover, we should find out ways and means to protect the food crops form drought, floods and other natural calamities. These are the ways in which we can try to grow more food to meet the deficit.

Conclusion: It is hoped that the ‘Grow more food’ campaign will soon reach its desired goal. This slogan has given to it by the government to the people should give whole hearted co-operation to make the slogan a success.

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