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Paragraph on Corruption in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is a small country with growing problems. Among all the problems, corruption is a great one. Corruption means adopting illegal practices to gain anything. It always goes against the interest of others. Taking bribes, nepotism, and misuse of power are some examples of corruption. The education department, the police department, the judicial department, and the health department are the most corrupt sectors. There are many causes behind it. The first and foremost cause is a lack of morality. Lack of transparency and accountability is another cause. So-called politics and lack of patriotism are also responsible for corruption. The problems of unemployment, illiteracy, and population explosion also contribute to it. The effects of corruption are many Law and order situation is getting out of control for corruption. Corrupt people are becoming like a beast. It is hampering the overall development of the country. It has spoiled the image of the country. The foreigners have started hating us. Economic depression is going on throughout the country. No prosperity is possible for it. The following measures can be prescribed to solve the problem. Firstly, all should be truly educated. Secondly, corrupt persons must be punished. Thirdly, people should be made aware. Fourthly, problems of illiteracy, population, and poverty should be removed. Fifthly, the salary of low-paid employees should be increased. Sixthly, honest people should be appointed to jobs. Last, of all, we should be right before giving any advice.


Paragraph On Corruption in Bangladesh

Corruption may be defined as the unnatural ways of realizing one’s interest illegally. Where there is an absence of strong moral convictions, people take the path of corruption. Taking bribes is a glaring example of corruption. Fund defalcation, nepotism. misuse of power is some form of corruption. In recent years Bangladesh has been marked as the most corrupt country in the world. This is a humiliating report for us as a nation. It has tarnished our image at home and abroad. In Bangladesh law enforcing agencies like the Police, BDR, Ansar, and VDP are the most corrupt sector of the administration. The education sector is placed next to this as a corrupted sector. LGRD, Health care, and Forest and Environment sectors got their position next to the list respectively. All the servants from top to bottom of the republic are involved in corruption. Class one officers and politicians are mostly corrupted. The common people are no less responsible for the deplorable condition. They should change their mentality and should not allure anybody to take bribes. Government has to ensure good governance free from corruption.

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