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Report On “Corruption in Bangladesh And Its Impact on Society.”

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Question: Suppose, you are a reporter for a daily newspaper. Write a report for your Newspaper on “Corruption in Bangladesh and its impact on society.”

Corruption in Bangladesh

Answer: Rifat Jahan, Dhaka, 29 Nov 2014: Corruption has become a buzzword due to its all-pervasive existence in all our public sectors and even in private organizations. Cortliplimi has always been a constant phenomenon in our country. In a poor and undeveloped country like Bangladesh, the effects of corruption in the economy and in politics are very devastating. If govt officials are corrupt, people do not get good service from them. If politicians and policy-makers are corrupt, it affects and retards the country’s overall development. By doing corruption, a section of powerful people amass huge wealth and lead a very carefree and luxurious life. This creates a social gap and discrimination. Administrative and institutional corruption creates depression and grievances among people. Corruption in the education system lowers down the standard of education. All these personal and corporate or institutional corruption seriously harms the image of the country, causes social and political instability, increases economic and social crimes and also discrimination and disorder in the society.

People’s ethical sense should be strengthened. For this a good education system which stresses on creating morality is necessary. Consciousness about corruption and fighting corruption is also necessary. Corrupt officials and politicians should be severely punished.

A just and equal social and judicial system is necessary to prevent corruption. Anti Corruption Commission should be made effective and independent so that they can fight corruption and prevent it. Corruption is a social malady, So it can be checked by social awareness and efforts.

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