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Composition on Corruption in Bangladesh

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Answer: Write a short composition expressing your views about “corruption in Bangladesh.” Or, “Corruption in Bangladesh is the root of our backwardness.” Give your opinion about this idea.

Question: Corruption, an illegal privilege exercised by the influential ones is adversely affecting the lawful society both economically and morally. To define, Corruption includes all uncanny, and dishonest transactions both in form of money or service. Taking bribe is the glaring example of corruption. Fund defalcations, nepotism, misuse of power is the or act has corruption. In a third world country like ours, starting from the administration this heinous act has grasped every sphere of our society.

According to the report of Transparency International of Bangladesh (TIB) 2014, the law enforcing agencies are the most corrupted sector of administration. Police, EDR, Ansar and VDP are under this agency. The education sector is placed next to this as a corrupted sector LGRD, Health Care and Forest and Environment sectors got their position next to the list respectively. This survey report clarifies that top to bottom all the servants of the republic are involved in corruption. It also indicates that the tendencies of corruption are observed mostly among the class one officers.

This kind of involvement assures a damaging impact on the country’s economy. As an illustration, in 2004 our country lost an amount of Tk. 11256 crore, which is 4.75% of GDP of 1999-2000 fiscal (Source, TIB report 2004). Furthermore, Corruption leads to rising of crime and decline of moral values of the general people. Again, Foreign loans and public funds are being plundered. The donors now hesitate to give us loans as corruption impedes our development. Immediate effective measures should be taken like mass awareness, proper implementation of laws and proper education. Again, Government has to ensure good governance free from corruption.

To conclude, proper awareness, change of mentality and proper implementation of law can make us free from the humiliating report of being the 3rd among the corrupted countries of the world.

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