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Composition on If I Were the Prime Minister of Bangladesh

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Introduction: Bangladesh becomes independent in 1971 after a gulf of blood-shed and since then in his not progressed as much as it should have been. If I were the prime minister, I would work selflessly and relentlessly for the progress and prosperity of the country.

Steps against corruption and terrorism: at present corruption and terrorism have gripped the country so great that they have become a great barrier to our development activities. If I were the prime minister, I would wage all-out war against the terrorists and go in for a ‘clean-up’ operation against the corrupt people, who are filling their pockets with money, irrespective of their identity or party affiliation.

Steps for education: no country can make progress without education. As a prime minister of the county, I would ensure that everyone gets the chance of having at least secondary education. I would also make education free for both boys and girls up-to-the higher secondary level.

Steps for employment: unemployment is a great problem in our country. There are more people seeking employment than there are opportunities for employment. I would create job opportunities for everybody by setting up more export-orientated industries.

Steps for population control: Bangladesh is a small country with a big population. The growth rate of the population here is very high. I would take all possible steps to keep the present population boom under control and remove our disreputation which goes like ‘poor inhabitants of the rich country.’

Steps for medical care: most of our people are also deprived of proper medical care and many people die of various diseases every year without proper treatment. If I were the head of the government, I would not let anybody die without treatment.

Steps for poverty alleviation: poverty is another problem in our country. Most of our people live below poverty line. As a prime minister of the country, I would take pragmatic steps to intensify the on-going poverty alleviation programmes and ensure that every citizen his enough food to eat, a house to live in and clothes to wear.

Conclusion: in fine, I would like to say that if I were the prime minister, I would try my level best to make Bangladesh a better country of which we would all feel proud.

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