Composition on My Future Plan for My Career

Question: Write a composition expressing your ‘Your Future Plan for Your Career.”

Answer: Ours is an age of planning and management. We cannot reach our destination without a good plan. For a good planning, our aim in life should be fixed up. Life without an aim is like a ship without a rudder. There are so many paths or courses to go forward to reach the destination. Some of these are good and some are bad. Even then some good paths may not be suitable for all. The path which should be followed must be decided according to the taste and mental make-up of the students. I have an aim in my life.

I am interested in serving my people through medical treatment. I always feel for the ailing people. Their sufferings fill my heart with pain and sorrow. Especially the toiling people of our rural area who produce food crops and other agricultural products and supply the city dwellers for their consumption are quite helpless. They are deprived of proper medical care and treatment. They work hard from down to dusk. But they can not take notorious food and suffer from various diseases. To help these people in their distress and misery. I want to be a doctor. After having passed the H.S.0 examination in Science group, I shall get myself admitted into a medical college. After completing my MBBS courses, I shall go to my own village to serve the poor people. It is true that most of the doctors of our country like to stay in cities and towns and earn a lot of money. They always hanker after money. But they are not respected or liked by the people. Rather these doctors are hated by the common people. I think it is my moral obligation to serve the poor people of my country.

I shall try my best to establish a small hospital in my village with the help and contribution of some rich people of my locality. I would make every attempt to convince the rich people of my locality so that they may come forward to help me. Besides, I shall communicate with the people of my village who are now residing in different foreign countries. I firmly believe that if my purpose is honest, I must come out successful to fulfil my ambition and aim. I shall provide free medical treatment and services to my villagers. I shall appoint some other doctors, nurses and pathologists to ensure better treatment. In the meantime, I shall try to receive an F.C.P.S degree. I will do my best to develop a modern hospital. I hope I shall succeed in my mission because Allah helps a man who serves the distressed humanity and whose intention is noble.

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