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Composition on A Village Doctor

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Service of A Village Doctor


Introduction: a village doctor is the most familiar figure in the village. He renders a very valuable service to the ill-fed, ill-clad, ill-healthier and ill-housed village people.

His qualification: a village doctor is generally a quack. He now passes for a doctor after modern fashion. A village doctor works for a doctor after modern fashion. A village doctor works with a qualified doctor for a few years and receives training under him. Then he comes to his native village and begins practising as a doctor.

His dispensary: a village doctor opens his dispensary either is the parlour of his house or in a room in the village market. He has in his dispensary a table, a chair, one or, two admirals with a small stock of medicine and one or two benches for his patients. He does not take the service of a compounded. He takes very small fees from his patients and lives a very simple life.

His daily life: a village doctor leads a very busy life. He examines his patients at his dispensary in the morning and gives them medicine. Then he goes out to attend his private calls. He goes out either on foot or by bicycle. He is seen to attend the patients with the air of a qualified doctor. He is very regular in his duties. He takes special care of his patients. He looks upon them as his own relatives. This is why. He looks upon them as his own relatives. This is why; he is loved respected by one and all in the village.

His importance: it is needless to speak of the importance of the village doctor in the context of our rural Bangladesh. A village doctor Is badly needed in the village. Qualified doctors are hardly available in the village. Hence villagers have to all and sundry. Moreover, they do not need to spend much money on treatment under him. Not only that they always him by them in their weal and woe.

His motto of life: we know that the motto of life varies from person to person according to his taste, choice, and temperament somebody desires power, somebody hankers after wealth, and somebody craves for high honour and dignity in the society. While somebody wants to be a lawyer, an engineer, a doctor, a pilot, a teacher and so on. A village doctor has taken up the profession of serving the distressed humanity serving the deceased persons of the village. It needs and sufferers of the various diseases. More than often a great number of them fall victim to immature death for want of proper treatment and health-care.

Then a village doctor comes forward to serve them. He attends to the call of patients at any moment. He thinks little whether the weather is fair or foul, the time is good or bad, the path is even or rough, the life is secured or risky or does he bother much about the payment to be given to him as fees. The only thought that crosses his mind is how to help him come round soon. Sometimes he keeps sitting by the bed of serious patient hours after hours, gives him medicine with his own hands and takes every care of him. Even the passes the whole night sleepless beside his bed. Thus a village doctor leads a very humble life with a towering ideology of self-dedication and a plain living with high thinking. We can compare his life to the thoughts of P.B Shelly,

“Our sweetest songs are those that tell of our saddest thought.”

We can think him to be inspired by the great saying of Ruskin,

“duty towards god, duty towards parents and duty towards mankind.”

Again, we can think him to be led by the motto,

“to serve man is to serve god.”

Conclusion: a village doctor is a great friend of the village people. Our government should take necessary steps to better the conditions of the village doctors.

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