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Short Composition on A Village Doctor

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Question: Write a short composition expressing your idea about “A village Doctor”.

Answer: A village doctor is a very familiar and popular person in a village. He is also an important and acceptable figure to all the villagers. He is honored by the people of the village because he serves the villagers as a friend and a guide in time of their need and distress. A village doctor is not acquainted with modern and latest information and technology of medical science. His dispensary or clinic, whatever we may say, is located in his own house. It is situated in a room outside his house. There are two or three almirahs where there are some bottles containing some common medicine of some common diseases. In his dispensary, there is a wooden table and a chair for the doctor himself to sit. It can be found that there lie two or three wooden chairs in front of the table. In a distance, there are two more benches for the patients to sit on. On the table, there is a leather bag, a stethoscope, and a pressure machine. A village doctor is sometimes called a ‘quack’. But he is a very sympathetic and affectionate man. He has fellow feelings. He listens to the problems of the patient attentively and gives medicine in exchange for a very little amount of fees. Sometimes he does not take or demand any money from the poor patients.

A village doctor has no degree in medicine or medical science. But he diagnoses diseases observing symptoms and from his personal experience.

Mr. Abul Kalam Azad is such kind of a doctor in our village. He is a rural practitioner. Though he is a `quack’, he is very successful and he has a good reputation as a doctor. If any serious patient comes to him, lie gives him good advice and refers him to the nearest hospital. He suggests the patients obey the rules of health and sanitation. Mr. Mad tries to make the people of our village aware or conscious about general health.

He warns them about health hazards. He never hankers after money. Whatever he gets from the patients, he feels satisfied. Some poor patients give him some vegetables and fruits grown in their garden.

He is friendly to the villagers. He is like near and dear one to the villagers. He is a well-wisher of the people living in his village and his neighboring villages. Many people come to him with their personal and family problem and seek his advice.

Sometimes when any social problem arises, people come to him to find an amicable settlement. In this case, Mr. Kamal behaves neutrally and impartially to solve the problem. He is thus a relative to all and acceptable to all.

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